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Great Commission Ministries is Christian Charity / Independent NGO, registered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India since 1994. The Orphanage was started at Bhongir of Nalgonda district of Telangana, with a vision to help them. During 2006 my father gave his 7 acres of his land for ministry and by Aug'08 we built an orphanage and moved there.

Over the years hundreds of children who joined our Orphanage as infants, grew up, finished their schooling, joined colleges / specialised courses i.e. Electrician, Carpentry, Driving, Teachers Training and General Nursing and are now standing on their feet. Many of them gave their lives to Jesus and are witnessing for Jesus in their villages. Some are happily married and settled in life.


Right now we have 49 children (27 boys and 22 girls) in our orphanage we have 3 kinds of children orphans, semi orphans and poor children. These children come from the surrounding villages, nearby slums and the neighbouring districts, all from within a radius of 200 kms. Some parents who couldn't afford to send their wards to schools and feed them

with their earnings sent their children to our orphanage. They are now having 3 proper meals, taught health and hyeigine, started going to schools and are brought up in proper discipline. We keep a record of all these children's birthdays and we celebrate at our Home and they cherish it very much.






This is Chendu, and his brother is Sonu Babu. When their mother died sometime back their father got married again and abandoned them. They were helpless and their relatives brought them to our Home. Chendu is in class 9 and both of them are happy and are learning about Jesus. Please pray for both Chandu and his brother.



This is Sai Kumar; his father died sometime back. He is in class 10 now. He has two other siblings, a brother and a sister. After the death of their father, the mother is not keeping well and is not able to take care of them. Seeing their desperate situation, we took these children into our Home. We admitted them to a school and they are doing well in their studies. They are learning about Jesus and are growing in the Lord.



Master E.S.Manish's (11), from Bengal was living in our neighborhood. His father died while he was still small and his mother and he had on one else for them. They started coming to us for prayers and were open to the gospel. Upon his mother's request we took Manish into our Home and he is happy now and is doing well in his studies. He gave his life to the Lord and loves Him and is growing spiritually. We thank God for brining Manish into our Orphanage. Appreciate your prayers for Manish and his mother.



Ms. Bindu (8) comes from a Gypsy tribe. Her parents are very poor and earn their living by doing odd labour jobs. Once while we were having our gospel outreach in their village her parents came to us and requested us if we could take Bindu and educate her. Accordingly we took Bindu into our Orphanage and she is doing well in her studies and is happy now. She loves the Lord and is learning to worship Him. Appreciate your prayers for Bindu and her parents.



Ms. Hemalatha and Master Barath have joined our Home this June; they come from a non Christian family.  Their mother eloped with another man leaving her husband and these children.  The father was not able to take care of these children and he approached us if we could take the children into our Home.  They are doing well in their studies and are happy and are learning about Jesus.



Master Nithin's mother died sometime back; his father has polio from birth and he is an alcoholic.  He earns his living by running an auto-rickshaw.  Under the influence of alcohol he would abuse Nithin and he is very scared to go to his father.  Nithin is doing well at our home and is very happy now and mingles very well with other children.



Directive from the Child Welfare Dept.
Officials from the Child Welfare Dept., came for inspection to our orphanage said as per government rule we are not supposed to have the girls and boys in the same building. They have directed us to build a separate accommodation and keep them separately at a distance. Knowing these children are orphans and poor children whom we have taken in their desperate need, they have given us time till they finish this academic year i.e. June 2018.

For time being they have asked us to separate the girls from boys and accommodate separately. Accordingly we have done the partition and separated girls. Even to do these changes it costing us around $ 12,500. This includes separate Sitting Room, Studying room, new bathrooms, toilets, etc.

We are praying and trusting God to enable us to build a separate accommodation for girls by June'18, so that these girls don't have to go out. Once they move out they might end up as child labourers or doing some odd jobs. Appreciate your prayers for us all, specially the girls. The whole project costs us around $92000/- If any of you are led by the Lord and are interested to help us build the accommodation, please let us know and we will give you further details.



To contact Great Commission MinistriesWrite to:

#104, Prudent Pranava Apartments

Brundavan Colony, Opp. AS Rao Nagar

Hyderabad 500062


e-mail :


God bless you for helping the orphans of India.

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