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Great Commission Ministries,
104 Prudent Pranava Apts,
Brindavan Colony, Opp AS Rao Nagar,
Hyderabad 500062, AP, India.
Ph/Fax: +91-40-27137409,
Email: , www.greatcommission.in, www.gcmindia.org

Dear Praying Friends,

Loving greetings to you in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.We really thank you for your prayers and supports, God is so faithful to us in the ministry.

Dear Church Praying Friends,
Loving greetings to you in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you for sending sister Laletha to GCM India. As she shares her burden, please join her and together encourage us. You may plan to send teams to finish projects

Orphan Home Building Project: This building project has been challenging task in front of us, yet God is rising you prayer partners to be part of the orphan home construction. Now few stages are yet to finish and on behalf of the orphan children I request you to help to finish one stage or part of it.

Building stages (Please help one of the stages).

1. Doors & Windowsgrills - $4350.

2. Plumbing - $2000.

3. Plastering - $3550.

4.ELECTRICITY - $3000.


6.PAINTING - $2150.

Will You be part of the Orphan Children's Dream? Thank You
Slum church needs a church, so that all may fit in and worship the Lord

The orphan children’s dream coming through, as soon as the construction finished the children will move into this new home, which will more spacious and good facilities. The orphan children are writing exams and most of them are scoring good results, we appreciate your prayers.

Pastors Evangelism: In spite of difficulties the 18 pastors are continue to preach the gospel and taking care of the small worshipping groups. One of the pastor came to me and requesting me to increase support because the 300 rupees not enough to meet the needs. And we all prayed for the pastors needs, we request you to pray for the Lords provision.

Sewing Centres: The training is over and 2 centers are ready for graduation. We need 20 machines, please do pray that the Lord may give us provision to get the machines.

Medical Camps: We have plans for having more medical camps in remote and interior villages were there is not much access to the hospitals. Please pray and be part of this as the Lord leads.

Bore Wells: Pst. Savie from south Africa, Norman and Mogie from Australia visited us and given 9 bore wells for the interior villagers to have drinking water and some support for the orphan children home. Villagers understand that Jesus extended to have good drinking water. If you want to help with a bore well to wards the drinking water for the Indian villages, let us know. These bore wells we will be inaugurates on the 8th June 2007.

Women's Team: We had two women missionaries visiting us who is teaching midwifery to village women because of lack of medical facilities. There are 4 abandoned babies in their hospital, they already have malnutrition and bed sores, because there is no one to carry or feed them. Please pray that we can take them into our orphanage because god cares for the abandoned. Our team has also been visiting widows and praying and supporting them in their bereavement, letting the love of the lord shine through them. The harvest is plenty but workers are few. Please pray god would touch the hearts Gods people, because our women team work in villages where there are no toilets, one has to go to the bush. Pray that we may get funds to install toilets in rural villages and god will send workers as well to build these toilets, because of health hazard of diseases.

In Christ.
Pst. Ashir and GCM Family.

Please visit our website www.greatcommission.in, www.gcmindia.org There is online facility, after opening web page, go to donate And as the Lord leads you, you may bless the orphan home building project.

Note: please encourage Gods people to partner with us in preaching the gospel. When we send newsletter regularly, we would like to get reply with encouragement, may be one line in the email that you are praying for us. This will encourage us a lot to press on in the Lords ministry.

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