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Great Commission Ministries - Glimpses of India

Glimpses of India




Why India?

Emerging Issues in the Area

Social and Health Issues

TopGlimpses of India

Geographically and politically India dominates South Asia and the Indian Ocean. There are 29 union states and 6 union territories, with a population of over 1 billion people. The capital city Delhi is now a home to 11.3 million people.


Agriculture is predominant with 64% of the labour force, but rapid industrialisation and urbanisation is taking place. India is now a Nuclear Power and has a space industry. It is one of the World leaders in computer software production. Economic growth accelerated in the 1990's but has been offset by high birth rate, illiteracy, prejudice, wide spread corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency. The 250 million middle classes would benefit most from the market reforms and liberalisation being instituted. Over 600 million live in deep poverty. 300 million live below the bread line. India's wide spread use of English gives the country a major advantage as its economy opens to the world.


The world's largest functioning democracy. Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi played major role for bringing freedom to India through non-violence. The RSS and the VHP (Hindu Extreme Nationalist Movements) have grown in strength and influences with their nationalist hindutva ideology, and with effective populist propaganda have infiltrated most of the power, but cannot tame the fascist-inspired forces that facilitated this. Today intolerance in the name of religion is growing. India is once known as tolerant towards other religions, now turning violent by attacking minorities. Many fear the undermining of democracy at the emergence of an intolerant Hindu dictatorship.


India's constitution provides religious freedom to worship and witness for all religions. The rise of Hindutva extremism resulted in a hate campaign against Muslim in the early 1990's and against Christians in the late 1990's as being followers of 'foreign' religions. I hope our work ensure dignity and equality among the people of our country. As Indian Christian, it is my privilege to convince my fellow-brothers of various faiths that we all belong to the same nation which is known for its prestigious saying "Unity in Diversity". Anti-conversion legislation and imposing legal restrictions on Christian activities has been strongly demanded. Some states have enacted such legislation and condoned a rising wave of violence and even murder of Christian workers. Many are concerned at the practical erosion of guaranteed religious freedom. In the present climate persecution, for Christians, statistics below are not given in full, but are representatives of what God is doing.

TopWhy India?

It's Size

One of every six people on earth lives in India. India will soon be the world's most populous nation.

Our Neglect

Of the world's six billion people: 2 billion call themselves Christians, 2.4 billion have heard and rejected Christ, 1.6 billion have never heard the gospel. Indian contains one fourth (412 million) of the 1 billion who never heard the gospel.

An Expanding Church

Christianity in India is exploding in spite of persecution. As the fires of persecution grow hotter, the passion of Christians to bring others to Christ, grows stronger. This is God's hour for India!

TopEmerging Issues in the Area

The Gospel had not reached major part of this area. Around 85% to be reached with the Gospel

This is the most backward area in South India. It is very much neglected by the Government and other voluntary organisations

Inadequate sanitation

TB, HIV & AIDS is spreading. There are more cases of Tuberculosis in the world today than at any time in the past

Blindness both in the young and the old

Illiteracy is at its peak. India is the most illiterate country in the world

Alcoholism is a birth right for a person in this area


Physical disability & Mental retardation

TopSocial and Health Issues

Cancer, Cardio, Vascular Disease, Diabetes, Ageing Population, Tuberculosis and sexually Transmitted Diseases, Lack of food & clothing, Lack of medicines and health centres are the main drawbacks in the area. With the progress in industrialisation, increasing migration to cities and urban slums, the Venereal Dispenses is on the increase. The disease can be curbed through Health Education and Sex Education. Child marriages, superstitious beliefs still exist in this religion.

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