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Great Commission Ministries - Church Planting

We were able start our work between the gypsy tribal and interior villages, since 1994. We planted 8 worshipping groups in different villages. We gave the glory to God for His enabling strength to us to carry the gospel to the unreached.

Both my wife and I started to preach the gospel to the gypsy tribal and to interior villagers group. Whenever they look at us on the streets they use to say 'look Jesus is coming', they were in such an ignorance, but as we are keep on preaching the gospel, the Lord started working in wonderful way - touching the people and healing them from their stomach tumour and eye bleeding and touched the barren women to have child. With two members a worship group started in the interior village. The Lord opened many hearts to receive Him as their saviour. Now we have 25 people altogether. Like wise in 7 years time 8 worshipping groups has been formed and every worship group has no church building but they gather in one of the believers' home. We need the church buildings, but the daily wages people are not able to afford for it, while they are looking to us the crippled beggars was looking at the apostle's, Peter and John expecting to meet their daily needs. We do invite Churches, Agencies and Organisations to come forward to assist us building churches.

We request young people from the tribal groups to surrender their lives to serve the Lord. Hence we are giving training to these young people, so that they can take care of small churches that are started in the villages. Many young people committed their lives to God's work, but due to lack of facility and funds we are not able to give official training. The reason we are waiting and looking to the Lord for His church and His people is to involve in such training. Please do pray for the resources and to continue the bible school, so that the churches that are established in the villages will have sufficient pastors and evangelists. We appreciate your prayers and support.

What are some of the immediate needs of the church planting?

The Basic need is, transport, which can take us into the interior villages to preach the good news and to carry the film projector instruments to train the young people in a group.

Dear Praying friends,

Greetings to you from India in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I am home back and carrying the work of the Lord. Thank you so much for your lovely fellowship in your churches, and at your homes. It was great meeting and know you as sisters and brothers in the Lord. I am always thanking the Lord for extending family throughout the Lord.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, which you have given to me for the Lords ministry in India. This may not seen by people around you but our heavenly father seen it and will bless you. We are able to give 10 bicycles to ten pastors- they are so thankful to you and praising God for the provision. We will be giving sewing machines to 20 destitute women in the first week of December 04. Please pray. We do appreciate you for your continuous support and encouragement of prayers. All the 10 pastors are thanking God for your support in getting bicycles. Still we need some more bicycles. Pray with us.

Orphan children are doing well, but one girl Anitha suffering with pain due to stones. Praise God provided for the operation. We are praying planning to start the orphan home building in the month of January 2005.you are most welcome to give your generous gifts and support of prayers and encouragement.

We will keep in touch with you all, may the Lord bless you. We are praying for you.

Your brother in the Lords ministry.

 Ashir and GCM family.

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