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Great Commission Ministries - Bible School

The fruits of the evangelism are many in numbers. Among them there are many young men and women who are interested in doing His ministry, they are to be trained. We have planned out for a Bible School where they will be trained. We have trained few young men for His ministry and sent them to their own people.

Great Commission Bible Institute

Great Commission Bible Institute is not just another religious school for academic training, but is geared toward preparing and sending out adequately trained people into the Lord's harvest field. Whether it is Pastoral ministry, Missions or even the market place, our goal is to mold and equip individuals to know God's will and purpose for they're lives- and help sees that purpose fulfilled.

We emphasize a balanced, well-rounded approach to achieve the desired result. By our utilization of the Word of God and dependence on the Holy Spirit, we believe that God will work through our staff to produce fully competent, well-prepared and capable workers. We see ourselves as your servants in behalf of Christ Jesus. Therefore, our passionis not only to teach you but also to serve you by pouring out our lives into you, so that you might reach your full potential in Christ.

Educational Format

The training format for GCBI will vary from other institutions.


GCBI is not an accredited institution nor do we seek to be, at this time. GCBI is not a traditional Bible College. Although we do offer courses dealing with Theology and other such pertinent subject matter, our focus is on preparing the student to do the work of the ministry. It is vitally important for each student to be well rounded in all subjects, but most importantly, to be prepared to actually go out into the 'real world' and apply the things he/she has learned in the classroom. Therefore we will concentrate on all aspects of ministry preparation but with a strong emphasis towards practical ministerial training and the Word of God.

Diploma Levels

Diplomas and Certificates will be awarded for successful completion and Proficiency. At present we are offering one year Certificate of Theology, Missions, Leadership, Practical Ministry· In the coming future we are planning to give Associates of Theology, Missions, Leadership, Practical Ministry. Bachelors of Theology, Missions, Leadership, Practical Ministry, Masters Degrees.

GCBI offers certificates/Degrees with concentrations within three (3) Schools:

GSchool of Leadership

PSchool ofMissions

School of Theology


A student may concentrate on a specific area of ministry. A set amount courses within a cluster under a division will be necessary in order to receive appropriate acknowledgement of achievement. Students will focus on Earning Credit Units. GCBI Credit Units can be earned and applied towards completion of a degree, through classroom, seminars, independent study, conferences, short-term missions, electronic courses, or other prescribed methods.

Field Assignment

Credits Field assignments are mandatory for some concentrations. Credits will be applied towards completion of degree programs when field assignment is completed.

Field Assignments involve student participation in practical ministry outreaches and/or other assignments, which relate to their educational experience. All Field assignments will be approved and conducted through supervision of the GCBI staff.

Fast Tracks (Intensive Study) "Fast Tracks" are short, intensive course offering which last anywhere from 3 days to two weeks. The student will earn credits towards a diploma when completing Fast Tracks. Students may earn fast-track credits by attending certain pre-approved seminars, conferences, and workshopsor through completion of special assignments.

Life learning and Experience credit

This involves credit given for experiential learning, or learning that has been accumulated by way of non-traditional methods. These may be acquired through life, business, skills, career, etc. Every studentwho applies to receive credit for life learning will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Academic Policies

GCBI will be utilizing the standard quarter credit system to measure the student's comprehension and accomplishment. A quarter hour of credit consists of one 50-minute period of contact per week for 12 weeks or a 2 1/2 hour session for four weeks, plus the time it takes to complete other require work such as homework assignments, and term papers, field assignments, etc. The general standard is 1-2 hours of personal study for every hour of class. 45-quarter credits lead to a certificate. 90-quarter credit hours lead to an associate's degree. 180-quarter credit hours will earn one a bachelor's degree.

Classroom Study Credit system


Quarter Credit = 10 hours Classroom (20 hours homework) = 4 classes @ 2 1/2 hours


Quarter Credit = 20 hours Classroom (40 hours homework) = 8 classes @ 2 1/2 hours


Quarter Credit = 30 hours Classroom (60 hours homework) = 12 classes @ 2 1/2 hours


Quarter Credit = 40 hours Classroom (80 hours homework) = 16 classes @ 2 1/2 hours


Grade Level (Grade Level Based on Comprehension)


Material is fully grasped and work is completed timely and presented excellently


Above average comprehension and work. Material is well grasped


Average work that is fully acceptable but is not consistent to highest standards


Work is below average in quantity and quality


Well below average. Work is not complete or inferior

Grading Scale:

Faculty may issue grades according to the following scale:

Grade Level (Grade Level Based on Comprehension)

A+ 97-100% 4.00 (Exceptional)

A 94-96% 3.67 (Exceptional)

A- 90-93% 3.33 (Very Good)

B+ 87-89% 3.00 (Good)

B 84-86% 2.67 (Above Average)

B- 80-83% 2.33 (Slightly Average)

C+ 77-79% 2.00 (Average)

C 74-76% 1.67 (Average)

C- 70-73% 1.33 (Below Average)

D+ 65-69% 1.00 (Below Average)

D 60-64% 0.67 (Poor)

F 59-0% 0.00 (Failure)

Some courses may be graded on a Pail/Fail basis. There are no grade point averages given for such courses unless stipulated, but a "pass" mark must be earned for credit hours.
Sponsor a Training Center

GCM currently has 13 church planters out in the field. In order to prepare these church planters for ministry, GCM has 1 training center in Andhra Pradesh, India. It costs $1,200 to run one training center for a month.

Training Center Costs

Students boarding 15 x @30


Director's Salary


Cook's salary


Faculty 2 x $100


Rent of the facility


Administrative expenses




I am interested in sponsoring:

Training Center(s): *

for years and months

Total amount

For one Month $1,200, For one Year $14,400

Name: *






E-mail: *

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